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Gentlemen please read all categories before reviewing the models so you can make a fully informed, intelligent, educated, discreet, and safe decision.

We are honored to be recognized by you for the past quarter of a century.
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(310) 556 5482
We Are a National Personal Introduction And Referral Service.  There are NO Booking and NO Referral Fees!.  All the Models, Companions we Represent are real, highly screened, and background checks are run on them for your safety!  Gentlemen, we have been in business Since 1987!

The models have adjusted their regular adult entertainment donations, assuming you and her come to an agreement.  If you are not completely satisfied with the model's looks, or you are unable to come to an agreement. Financial compensation for her gas, time and effort is appreciated.

We accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard, Discover, which will be discreetly billed to our transportation and limousine service, insuring your complete privacy. The Independent Contractors exclusively signed on with us to represent them as their agent. We understand that not everyone in this world gets along and that is why we represent a variety of lovely Independent Contractors on our referral list. Since we have no schedule and the models travel all throughout Southern California to our different upscale locations, not all of our models are available all of the time. Although we have a variety of different models available for your enjoyment, It's advisable that you pre-book the model of your choice so that we can have her available for you. Although, we do realize that lot's of our clients call us at the spur of the moment.

78% of our business is repeat clientele or referrals, so we must be doing something right. Do not be surprised if a man answers the phone, our professional staff is well trained and very adept at sending the right model to the right gentleman at the right place, at the right time or we will send no one at all. All of the models that you are about to preview are real, and have signed on with us exclusively for your pleasure. The model that you request is the one that will arrive. If for some reason she is not available, we will guide you in the right direction so that you can make another selection comparable to your first choice.

Some of the models and entertainers we represent are not featured on our website because they have been featured in major men's magazines, videos, movies, and fashion magazines. Not all of the lovely ladies we represent are for everyone, so please SERIOUS inquiries only. Your complete satisfaction and enjoyment is our #1 priority. If you are ever not completely satisfied, or have an unacceptable experience with one of the models or with our referral service, please call our National Marketing Director at 1-888-452-0717.


In this day and age with high speed Internet websites and cheap advertisements, we regret to inform you that 90% of our alleged competitors are fraudulent. Here in the Beverly Hills area and in our industry, they are referred to as "Cash and Dash". Unfortunately most of the escort pictures they display are seldom, if ever, real. Please be careful when shopping around. Every year, these less than reputable, alleged services, and independents come to town just to rob you and our upscale locals. They call themselves services, but they are rip-offs. What you are actually paying is a home invasion. They all run fancy ads and call you Honey, Sweetie, etc. and will tell you their referral fee is $150-$200, or they have a flat fee with full service, no tipping required. Then you are promised to get the girl you see on the Internet who will stay forever and do whatever you want! When you answer your door, the girl that shows up is not what you ordered or requested from the website. Before you can object or refuse the companionship their bouncer demands more money than the flat fee that was quoted over the phone. If you don't comply, they use different methods of intimidation and/or personal harm such as being pepper sprayed, un-locking the door to allow the bouncer to handle you and rob you. Who are you going to call; Security? Your wife? The Police? The way they get away with this crime is they claim RAPE, and say they are only a dancer. You're setting yourself up for a very unpleasant evening. We on the other hand, will check your I.D. at the door; and we don't want your money unless you two can come to an agreement for your evenings entertainment. If you do not come to an agreement she will quietly leave.

For those of you who assume we will say anything to obtain your business: Please call our alleged competitors and book them, after you are robbed and/or harmed, call us and let us know. We invest our time and money trying to educate you and entertain you. But what do we know? We've only been in the personal introduction and referral business for a quarter of a century.